Technicians – Build Relationships with Business People BC00.10

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In many organizations there is a divide between the technical departments and the business departments they support. The technical departments can include Information Technology, Engineering, Research and Development, and others. The divide is caused partially by differences in job focus, but also in part by differences in how the different groups think and communicate with each other.

In this workshop we will explore the perceptions of how these groups view each other. We will also look at two aspects of the gap – differences in thinking styles and differences in communication styles. The purpose of the class is to recognize why the gap exists between technology and business groups, and how these gaps can be bridged.

This class is designed to speak to students from technical departments. The content will help them understand and relate more effectively with the business people in your organization.


  • None

Learning Objectives

At the end of this class, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the differences in how technical and business people perceive each other
  • Learn their default thinking style and how it impacts their ability to work with others that think differently
  • Apply the right types of communication based on the circumstances
  • Recognize the gaps between technical and business people and learn how to work better with the business staff

Who Should Attend

  • Technical staff (IT, Engineers, Scientists, R&D)
  • Business staff that would like to better understand their technical colleagues. This includes groups like Finance, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, etc.

Course Outline

  • Perceptions
  • Thinking styles
  • Communication styles

This workshop is heavily oriented to class discussion and exercises. Students will learn through introduction of concepts and the application of the concepts to themselves and their organization.

Class Length

  • One day (8 Total PDUs – 0 Technical / 4 Leadership / 4 Strategic)
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