LeDRS™ Organization Assessment

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All organizations face business challenges and these challenges often result in leaders spending all their time putting out fires.  This happens so frequently that it becomes the normal mode of operation.  This trend is changing as leaders realize they need to spend more time evaluating their organizations with a proven assessment model. The TenStep LeDRS assessment model helps leaders look at their business end-to-end, evaluate themselves based on industry benchmarks, improve their processes and make more data-driven decisions.

LeDRS Assessment Benefits:

  • Aligns to the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence
  • Provides the structure for a continual self-assessment and planning
  • Enables organizational readiness to respond faster and more effectively
  • Includes systematic process customized with your end results in mind
  • Guides leaders to implement learning and innovative improvements
  • Becomes fully integrated into your critical business systems

As a result of this assessment your organization will receive a personalized feedback report informing you of the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Performing a LeDRS assessment will help you become more informed about your business, those it services and the innovations required to sustain current and future operations. It will also assist in improving the alignment of organizational resources, communication, productivity and strategic goals.

LeDRS Assessment Process

TenStep can help you understand your position and the changes needed for performance excellence through our LeDRS Assessment.

Leader Engagement. Set leadership expectations and process awareness.

Data Collection. Interview representations of the organization.

Report / Analysis Creation. Analyze findings and deliver in a feedback report.

Strategic Planning Input. Create Action Plans or approval and execution.

Some people think this is busy work. It is not! It is a process that sets you on a journey of performance excellence.  You will not get there overnight but you will not get there at all if you do not start the journey.  LeDRS is an ongoing systematic assessment model to ensure performance excellence, effectiveness, efficiency, learning and innovation. It helps sustain your business today and provides direction to lead you into the future.

TenStep Strategic Services

You know how to run and plan for your business. While organizational assessments may not be in your comfort zone, it is critical for improvement, performance excellence and sustainment. TenStep can help facilitate your assessment process using our LeDRS model so you can focus on the business results.

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