TenStep Organizational (Systems) Assessment

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Many organizations think they do well at project management but on closer inspection they realize that they do not have standard processes and that projects are being executed in an ad-hoc manner. The TenStep Organizational Assessment will point out these shortcomings and more.

TenStep will perform a “systems” assessment on the state of your project management processes. This audit service can be utilized by organizations that use the TenStep Project Management Process, but it can also be used to evaluate any third-party or custom-built project management process. The audit includes the following six part model.

  • A review of the documentation to validate that a standard, documented project management processes exists
  • Validation that the processes are defined scalably so that they provide value to large and small projects
  • A check of how the standard processes are communicated to the staff and reinforced on an ongoing basis
  • Interviews with project teams to validate that the standard processes are actually being followed
  • Inspection of project documentation to ensure that the documentation produced is of acceptable quality
  • A high-level look at the overall environment to make sure that the standard project management processes are accepted and integrated within the environment

This is a great service for organizations trying to understand where they are at today so they can create a targeted plan to improve. In addition to seeing your strengths and weaknesses, we will also make recommendations on ways that your organization can improve its performance in the future.

Periodic follow-up assessments will allow your organization to validate the progress that is being made and to tie this improvement with an increase in the ability to successfully execute projects.

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