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Most managers think that they understand the processes that are executed in their organizations. In fact, there is probably a good understanding of the work processes at a high-level. However, this understanding and clarity gets very hazy at a detailed level. This lack of clarity in the process details is what keeps managers from recognizing the inefficiencies that could lead to process improvement and greater efficiencies. It may also lead to confusion at the individual level which can impact quality and timeliness.

Process mapping is a way to gain an understanding of your business processes at a detailed level, allowing you to see the redundancies, the extra handoffs and the inefficiencies that are occurring. Mapping provides a precise syntax of pictures and words that allow you to see what is going on and identify process improvements in terms of cost, time, effort, safety etc.

TenStep Facilitation

We will facilitate sessions that allow you to identify the critical activities in your process. We will help you identify the following items as a part of the process map.

  • Level. We will determine where this particular process fits within your broader organization. This provides context for how this process interacts with broader processes and organizations. It is also used to identify the process owner.
  • Triggers. Determine the events that trigger this process to start.
  • Process. Start with the first activity and lay out the entire process activity-by-activity.
  • Detail. After describing the initial process, we will determine if any of the activities need to be decomposed into a lower level of detail.
  • Roles. Identify the role that is performing each step.
  • Other information. Capture any other information of interest. This could be documents produced, measures, reference materials, process risks, etc.

After the facilitated session we will take the notes and draft diagrams and deliver cross-functional  (swim lane) maps back to you for each process.

TenStep Strategic Services

You know how to run your business, however your competitors also know how to run a business. Success is built on the combination of consistency, efficiency and effectiveness. Process mapping is an enabler to put you out front of the competition. Benefits realized can include reduced costs, improved revenues and morale; and increased market share. TenStep can facilitate the sessions that will result in documenting your critical business processes for process improvement opportunities. Contact us for more information.

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