Project Management and Lifecycle Customization

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All organizations need to have a common process in place for managing and executing projects. This common process will provide standards and guidelines to help project managers and project team members successfully execute projects. When you are ready to develop these common processes, you will find two basic options available.

  1. Build one.  You can build a custom methodology that perfectly reflects the philosophy and best practices of your organization. This is time consuming and expensive. When you are done, it should not surprise you to learn that your work looks similar to other methodologies in the market.
  2. Buy one.  Many companies chose an option to buy or license a pre-existing methodology. These pre-built methodologies usually have most everything your organization needs to be successful.

Of course, if you buy a methodology, you still may need to customize it to meet the specific needs of your organization. This gives you the benefits of option 1, while still taking much less effort and cost, which is the major benefit of option 2. 

Our base project management and lifecycle methodologies form the cornerstone of our service. For project management, we start with our flagship TenStep Project Management Process available in our “ten step” model or in a PMBOK Guide framework. For the lifecycle, we will start with the LifecycleStep Project Lifecycle Process™.  

Each of these methodologies contain a step-by-step approach for managing and executing projects, starting with the basics and getting as sophisticated as you need for your particular project. They were built from years of experience, and are flexible enough to meet most every organization’s needs. We will use our methodologies as the base, and then work with you to customize the processes to reflect the specific standards, guidelines and templates that are important to your organization.

You receive the following products and services:

  • Full access to our project management and/or lifecycle methodologies.
  • An assessment of what you have in place today.
  • A set of requirements that represent the required customizations.
  • A complete customized set of processes, techniques and templates to meet your needs.

A solid methodology is essential to successfully execute projects on a consistent basis. We can save you time and money by starting with our proven methodologies and customizing them to fit your needs.

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