Project Management Fast Track

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The ability to successfully define and subsequently manage a project is quickly leaving the realm of the extraordinary and is becoming a core competency for many organizations. Fortunately, the skills associated with defining and managing a project can be learned and reinforced.

TenStep, Inc. can train and coach your individuals who are responsible for and/or a part of project teams. Training classes for the various participant levels will provide a foundation for project management concepts and techniques. Practical application through one-on-one project coaching will reinforce the project management learnings discussed throughout the training.

After conducting the project management training classes, we will establish a one-on-one coaching schedule with your project managers to help them apply the project management processes and deliverables to their new and/or existing projects. For new projects, the coaching sessions will result in the creation of:

  • Project objectives (what the project will accomplish)
  • The scope of the project
  • Project assumptions
  • Project risks and an initial risk plan for each high level risk
  • Initial estimates for the project duration, cost and effort
  • Project staffing and organization needs
  • Overall project approach

For existing projects, we will work with your project managers by conducting a project review to help assess the current state of a project and determine if project management processes can be utilized more effectively. We will then coach your project managers on any project management gaps that are identified.

By the end of the new projects’ one-on-one coaching sessions, you will have:

  • Project Charter, including overview, scope, estimated effort, cost and duration, assumptions, risks, organization and project approach. 
  • Project Management Procedures
  • High-level project schedule, with project milestones
  • Project organization chart

For the existing projects you will receive an overall assessment of how your project management practices are being applied and subsequent one-on-one coaching sessions for any topics identified from the audit.

Reinforce your training investment with practical application to your organization’s projects. TenStep Consulting Services can help you, using proven techniques and templates from the TenStep Project Management Process.

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