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Are you one of those rare managers that is an expert on everything? If you are, you have no reason to continue reading this page. The managers that would read this page are those that recognize they have strengths and weaknesses. They understand that as a manager, you try to leverage your strengths, while trying to become more comfortable and knowledgeable in the areas where your skills are not as strong.

Each manager needs to decide how best to build up their competencies. In some cases, a training class is appropriate. In other cases, perhaps reading a book will suffice. However more and more people are looking for a customized and personal solution – a management coach.

Just as many people opt for a personal trainer to help them get into physical shape; more and more busy managers are looking for a personal coach to help them achieve more in their career. TenStep, Inc. can provide you with a customized, personal coaching program to meet your needs. This includes.

  • Personal coaching sessions scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. These can be one or two hours in length.
  • Feedback to specific problems and questions via email as needed.
  • Access to all of the additional resources of our worldwide network, including our vast collection of products and services.
  • TenStep, Inc. can provide coaching and mentoring in the areas where we specialize, including:
    • Project management
    • People management
    • Quality assurance
    • Business planning processes
    • Organizational alignment
    • Project lifecycles
    • Organizational change management
    • Professional development / career advancement
    • Time management
    • Much more

If you are a manager that wants to become more valuable to your organization and move into increasing positions of leadership, it is important that you grow professionally and personally. Don’t fake it and hope things will work out. Let TenStep, Inc. provide you with coaching and mentoring services to help make you more knowledgeable and more confident. These coaching services and advice are all customized for your needs.

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