Project Rescue Services

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When is the last time you worked on a project that was planned and executed perfectly and where you met expectations in terms of budget, deadline and product quality? Plus, you also had a cordial and professional partnership with your clients. In other words – no problems at all.

If you are lucky, you might actually be able to think of a project that could be a candidate – maybe even two. It is easy to forget that many projects actually do complete successfully. Although probably no project is absolutely perfect, there are many projects that are completed with a minimal amount of problems and stress.

And then, of course, there are the “troubled” projects. These are the ones that have significant problems such as the following.

  • The project is trending 30% or more over its estimated budget.
  • The project is trending 30% or more over its estimated deadline (although this may not be as important if the budget is not also over by 30% or more).
  • The project appears within budget and schedule, but only by compromising on quality to the point that the value and integrity of the deliverable are called into question.
  • The client is extremely dissatisfied with the performance of the project team. If the client had to do it again, he or she would not use the same project team.
  • The client – project team relationship is dysfunctional. This could include situations such as the sponsor losing interest in the success of the project, major animosity between the project team and the client or deliberate sabotage by one party to make the other party look bad.

Turning around a troubled project is never easy, but there are techniques that will give you a good chance at “success”. (“Success” may mean the achievement of a renegotiated set of budget, duration and deliverable expectations.)

Our project rescue service gives you the following deliverables.

  • Validation as to whether the project is actually in trouble. If it is, we will tell you if minor corrective actions will work or if a major intervention is needed.
  • Our analysis of the causes for the problems.
  • A Turnaround Plan – our recommendations on what is required for the project rescue.
  • Coaching and consulting services to help you implement the Turnaround Plan.

Projects can go off-track for a variety of reasons, including poor up-front estimating, lack of planning, inadequate attention to schedule management, weak scope change management, lack of risk reviews, etc. We can assist in the rescue of troubled projects at your company. Contact us before your project goes over the edge.

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