Organizational Project Management Maturity (OPM3) Assessments and Improvement Programs

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The Project Management Institute’s OPM3 emphasizes the value of organizational project management in the execution of organizational strategies.  PMI, with its partner, DNV, has set up a certification program for individuals to conduct OPM3 assessments and to work to identify an OPM3 improvement program using a robust tool, OPM3 Product Suite.  Organizations that have conducted these assessments note benefits such as fewer cost and schedule overruns, improved customer and team satisfaction, and a reduction in redundant programs and projects.

  1. OPM3 Maturity Assessment.  A TenStep certified OPM3 Assessor will work with your organization to assess its project management maturity.  We will work with you to scope and tailor this assessment to meet your organization’s unique needs.  During the assessment, we will conduct interviews and review your existing portfolio, program, and project management processes, procedures, and guidelines.  We will then analyze the data and prepare and deliver a detailed report of our findings according to the OPM3 Best Practices your organization has achieved.  We will then transfer the data to you for your later use.
  2. OPM3 Improvement Program.   A TenStep OPM3 Consultant will work with your organization to plan which Improvement Best Practices your organization should implement based on your priorities, their attainability, benefits, and cost.  We also can work with you to build a metric path to business performance improvements. 
  3. Support to Implement Specific Best Practices.  TenStep consultants can work with you further to help you set up processes, procedures, and guidelines to quickly and effectively implement the key areas of improvement based on the OPM3 Program.

You receive the following products and services:

  • An analysis of the Best Practices in your organization according to the OPM3 Assessment.
  • A detailed report and presentation on where your organization stands according to the OPM3 model.
  • An improvement plan to help you gain a competitive advantage based on implementing the key Best Practices that are now in place.
  • Assistance in implementing identified improvements using a customized set of processes, techniques, and templates to meet your needs.

The OPM3 maturity model was developed as a framework, path, and guide to manage and improve organizational project management processes.  Our certified OPM3 Assessors and Consultants can work with you to determine the best practices that will help you achieve a competitive advantage.

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