Project Manager Placement Service

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The success of any project resides in the skill of the project manager.  Project managers must not only correctly apply project management methods, but they must also be expert in navigating organizational cultures. Important projects require top-notch project management expertise and skill.

An organization must have good project management skills to be successful. Many organizations know this, but they lack the skills to qualify and screen potential project management candidates. How can these organizations find good project management talent if they do not have people with good project management skills to begin with? At the worst, they will end up hiring unqualified project management candidates that will continue the culture of mediocrity in project management.

At TenStep, we know project management, and we know how to qualify good project management candidates. Let TenStep help you in sourcing, screening, and recommending project management candidates for you to hire. Our expertise in project management allows us to identify and qualify candidates with the right skills to meet the needs of your company. We have real-world project management experience, to use when screening and interviewing candidates on your behalf. We understand the skills needed to perform in a project manager role.

TenStep will use its sourcing and placement process to recommend qualified candidates to you. We will work with you to provide:

  • A validation of your position qualifications and job responsibilities
  • Candidates sourced and interviewed by TenStep
  • A debriefing of each candidate after you talk to them to determine your evaluation and feedback
  • Feedback from the candidates

When you utilize the TenStep interviewing and placement service, you receive fully qualified candidates with the right project management skills and experience. TenStep knows project management and applies this knowledge in the candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing process.

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