Staffing Service – Project Managers and Business Analysts

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The success of any project, regardless of the desired results, resides in the skills of project managers and business analysts. Project managers must not only correctly apply project management methods, but they must also be expert in navigating organizational cultures. Business analysts must have a strong understanding of the organization, and the ability to steer the organization towards a future state through projects. Important projects require top-notch expertise and skill.

TenStep can provide your organization with highly skilled, professional, certified project managers, business analysts, and project support staff. Our seasoned project professionals can quickly establish productive working relationships that are critical to project success. We can provide customers with immediate access to subject matter experts for particular challenges or problems. We know how to help your business.

TenStep has the people, capabilities, and real-world experience to benefit your organization.

  • Our people have access to the TenStep Project Management Process – an industrial-strength, proven methodology for managing your projects. We can use this methodology unless you have a standard methodology of your own.
  • TenStep project managers and business analysts are excellent communicators. They are not shy about communicating proactively and strive to manage expectations.
  • Our project managers and business analysts can help you understand your stakeholders and are experienced in working with all levels of organizations, as well as with external stakeholders.
  • TenStep project managers and business analysts will not only assist with your projects, but will also coach and mentor your staff during the process.
  • TenStep project managers and business analysts will always present the true status of a project. Our goal is the success of YOUR project, which can only be achieved through honest evaluation of project performance and results.
  • By continually looking for risks and leading indicators, we stay ahead of potential problems, instead of reacting to issues outside of a project’s control.

The price of our staffing service is based on the skill level that you require. Our people are available for a number of smaller projects or for large projects over a long period of time.

When you utilize a TenStep project manager or business analyst on your projects, you receive a person that can apply skills effectively on your project.

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