Managing Project Issues PM04.00

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Issues are major problems that require outside help to resolve. Issues can potentially doom a project. Therefore identifying and managing issues are critical success factors. Project managers may come in contact with issues as part of their management routine; however effectively managing them is far from a routine activity. An unresolved issue could directly impact cost, scope and time and the development and execution of an issue management plan is the project manager’s best weapon.

This class focuses on determining if a situation or problem is a true issue and, if so, helps determine the most effective way to manage it. Students will create a practical issue management plan, evaluate the impact of issues, and use tools and techniques for determining viable resolution options.


  • None

Learning Objectives

At the end of this class, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what issues are and the implications of not addressing them
  • Establish an issue management process when defining the project work, and follow it throughout the project
  • Utilize problem solving techniques to determine viable issue resolution alternatives
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities for issue management

Who Should Attend

  • Project managers who are interested in implementing effective issue management processes
  • Managers who are affected by project issues
  • Customers and clients who are impacted by project issues

Course Outline

  • Issue definition
  • Issue management
  • Evaluation and problem solving techniques
  • Roles and responsibilities

The class contains numerous group exercises

Class Length

  • One-half day (4 Total PDUs – 3 Technical / 1 Leadership / 0 Strategic)
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