The Practice of Program Management PGM00.60

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The days of the monolithic, complex, multi-year project are over. They are just too hard to plan, manage and complete within expectations. The better approach is to break large initiatives into multiple smaller projects. These smaller projects are easier to manage and they each have a much better chance to be successful. Of course, if each project was managed independently, the entire initiative would be at risk of losing focus and getting out-of-control.

Enter the program. A program is an organizational structure that is established to coordinate and guide a large initiative made up of multiple related projects. The program provides an umbrella structure over the entire initiative and has the high-level visibility and continuity to guide all of the underlying projects toward overall success.


  • Project management experience

Learning Objectives

At the end of this class, participants should understand:

  • The purpose of a program and how it provides value on large initiatives
  • The four main program domains – alignment, benefits, stakeholders and governance
  • How to establish and define a program
  • The main components for delivering the program
  • The work to successfully close a program

Who Should Attend

  • Current Program Managers
  • Project managers, senior team members and senior client managers on large initiatives
  • Executive and senior managers

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Program Domains
    • Align program to strategy
    • Manage program benefits
    • Provide program governance
    • Engage program stakeholders
  • Define the program
  • Deliver the program
  • Close the program

This class contains a combination of instructor-led material, followed by numerous exercises to reinforce the concepts taught in the class.

Class Length

  • One day (8 Total PDUs – 6 Technical / 1 Leadership / 1 Strategic)
  • Two days (16 Total PDUs – 12 Technical / 2 Leadership / 2 Strategic)
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