Agile Project Lifecycle LC90.10

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For many years, there were two major approaches for structuring Information Technology (IT) development projects – traditional waterfall or iterative development. New approaches are now available that fall under the general category of “light” or Agile methodologies. Calling them methodologies is probably too broad a word. It might be better to refer to them as development approaches, or even philosophies. The purpose of this class is to provide an overview of Agile terminology, concepts and roles. The class will also highlight a common Agile lifecycle model so that students can see how an Agile project could be structured from start to finish. By the end of the class students will see why these Agile processes are exciting and unique. Students will also have enough information to start an Agile initiative in their organization.


  • None

Learning Objectives

By the end of this class, attendees should understand:

  • The overall philosophy of Agile
  • The main roles on an Agile project
  • A common Agile lifecycle model
  • The challenges associated with Agile

Who Should Attend

  • Development project managers
  • Development team members
  • Clients and other stakeholders that would like to understand light development concepts

Course Outline

  • A Little History
  • Agile Philosophy
  • Agile Roles
  • Agile Lifecycle
  • Challenges

There are numerous exercises to reinforce the concepts taught in the class.

Class Length

  • One day (8 Total PDUs – 8 Technical / 0 Leadership / 0 Strategic) OR
  • Two days (16 Total PDUs – 14 Technical / 2 Leadership / 0 Strategic)

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