TenStep International Public Sector – Project Example

CASE STUDY: EU funded Technical Assistance to a Technology Park in Northeast Slovenia

The Styrian Technology Park is a technology park set up with EU assistance near the town of Maribor in north-eastern Slovenia, only 10 kms. from the Austrian border. The Park was set up with the financial and technical assistance of the European Union’s Phare programme in 1996 and funds from the Ministries of Science and Technology, Economy and the Municipality of Maribor.

An international project team managed by TenStep Corporate Solutions, with Spanish, Austrian, German and Slovene members, assisted with various project activities: designed and launched the Park’s tri-lingual Website (www.stp.si), created an Intranet community of SMEs, delivered various workshops on different topics (sub-contracting, financing ventures, preparing public proposals, business co-operation, etc.), organised a Forum with the counterpart Austrian institutions, launched a newsletter, etc. The activity and visibility of the Park substantially increased, both domestically and abroad, and workshops and events were organised regularly. Moreover, a network of advisors now assists entrepreneurs for a fee on all innovation related issues. The Park also established a joint technology transfer centre with the University of Maribor (well-regarded in the areas of electrical, chemical and construction engineering, among others).

With this EU programme assistance managed by TenStep Corporate Solutions, Spain, this Technology Park was poised to become the focus of technological development and innovation in the region and soon joined the European network of technology parks in the European Union.

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