TenStep Affiliate Program

Thanks for visiting our TenStep, Inc. affiliate information page. Some readers may be familiar with how an affiliate program works. Others may not. The concept is simple and we will explain it to you without the hype. We believe our affiliate program is a win-win situation for both affiliates and TenStep, Inc. There are no costs or fees to join the TenStep affiliate program. All you need is a legitimate website to refer traffic to us.

If you are familiar with affiliate programs and have read enough, click click here to sign-up.

Summary and detailed information is available in the following sections. 

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Benefits to You –

The benefits to you are two-fold.

  1. You make a 30% commission on most purchases from visitors that you send to our websites. The affiliate software keeps track of all sales made by each person that you refer – even if they purchase something up to one year later!

  2. In addition to direct referrals, you can also refer additional people to become TenStep, Inc. affiliates. You then become a second-tier affiliate for these affiliates. If these affiliates refer traffic to us that results in a sale, the first affiliate earns a 30% commission and you (second tier affiliate) would make an additional 9% commission on the sale. This is a way to substantially extend your commission opportunities.

Want to know more! Click here for the details and disclosures.

How the Program Works – Summary

  1. You sign up to be a TenStep, Inc. affiliate.

  2. You download links and graphics that we have already created for affiliates. You place one or more of these links and graphics on your website. These links (with your affiliate number) and graphics point people to our website.

  3. The person that you refer to us gets a cookie added to their machine. If they purchase something from us, the affiliate software checks the cookie. Using the cookie is how the referral software knows a sale came from you – even if the person you refer buys something months in the future.

  4. You will receive access to an affiliate webpage where you can track your referrals and sales.

  5. We will pay you your commissions on a quarterly basis.

Want to know more! Click here for the details.

Ready to Sign-up?

That’s basically it! The affiliate software is very simple to utilize and the software keeps track of all of the details. If you have any questions, please send them to admin@tenstep.com.

There are two steps to sign-up:

  1. First, read the terms and conditions of the TenStep, Inc. referral program by clicking here. If you sign up, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

  2. Click on the link below to sign-up at the Post Affiliate Pro website. Notice that the link contains our company name. This is how the Post Affiliate Pro affiliate software knows that you want to join the TenStep, Inc. affiliate network.


Okay, you are done. We will review your application shortly. Our intent is to approve all applications, unless there is something odd, such as not completing the form or not including a legitimate website.