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Project Management Templates Building Teams

Build Teams with Project Management Templates So you’re a Project Manager on a new project and you want to build a high performing team using project management templates? Excellent, this is a great goal to strive for. But it’s not easy, especially in the project environment which has its own challenges. To do it, take these tips […]

Four Responsibilities of Executives on Projects

A Primer on Processes and Templates Recipes for cooking are a beautiful thing. A recipe tells you the ingredients and how much of each you should include in whatever you are making. It then describes what you need to do to these ingredients in order to make a dish that is not only edible, but […]

Manage Political Problems as Issues

The larger your project gets, the more you will find that the issues you encounter are political in nature. “Politics” is all about interacting with people and influencing them to get things done. This can be a good thing, a bad thing, or a neutral thing, depending on the tactics people use. Let’s consider some examples […]

Four Responsibilities of Executives on Projects

Four Responsibilities of Executives on Projects An executive has administrative or supervisory authority in an organization. That authority is used in a number of ways on projects. An executive is typically responsible for the Business Case of a project, which is used to determine whether the project should even be started. Once the project is […]

Create Schedule Management Plan

Create Schedule Management Plan The Schedule Management Plan describes the process used to develop and manage the project schedule. Not all projects need a Schedule Management Plan, but if your project has a complex schedule that requires special handling, you may find this plan helpful. The components of the Schedule Management Plan can include: Roles […]

Mistake #5: Poor quality leads to poor results

Mistake #5: Poor quality leads to poor results Like the other common project management mistakes we have looked at, problems with quality show up in a number of areas. For instance: Rework. Rework means that you have to fix a deliverable that you thought was complete. Rework is always caused by flaws in your quality […]

Five Options for Project Start Dates

Five Options for Project Start Dates One of the characteristics of a project is that it is a temporary endeavor. In other words there is a start and end-date. This seems simple enough until you start to try to define exactly what these dates mean. Is it after the Project Charter is signed? Is it […]

Seven Components to a Risk Management Plan

Seven Components to a Risk Management Plan The Risk Management Plan describes how you will define and manage risk on the project. This document does not actually describe the risks and the responses. This document defines the process and techniques you will use to define the risks and the responses. The information in this plan […]

Five Project Management Mistakes

Five Project Management Mistakes Mistake #3: Not Keeping Schedule Up-to-Date Many project managers create an initial schedule but then don’t do a good job of updating the schedule during the project. There are trouble signs that the schedule is not being updated. The project manager cannot tell exactly what work is remaining to complete the […]